FIBER ROPES – Innovation by KV R&D

At KV R&D, we’re reimagining a centuries-old industry and exploring unchartered territories in rope construction and use of materials.


Back in the 1980s the innovative idea of extruding the plastic core of a rope emerged and today fiber ropes are on the rise. But fiber ropes lack transverse stiffness and are thus limited in their range of application.

Our new fiber rope construction improves the stability of a conventional fiber rope, by laying out fibers in the transverse direction. What traditionally was a wire is now made up of a fiber strand.

This rope construction offers significant improvements such as efficiency in cost and enhaced service-life, simultaneously providing a constant load while reducing its dead weight.

As a result of their properties, thermoplastic materials offer greater flexibility and durability in practical applications – even in operating temperatures above 50° Celsius.

KV R&D — Patent pending